Romantic Date at Home Ideas

Inviting your lover over and having some fun at home is not difficult if you have the initiative and the creativity to make a homemade date exciting. Here are some ideas for a romantic date at home.

1. Karaoke Night.

Why not dress up and sing songs together, bistro-style? You may not be a professional singer but you will soon get the hang of singing your heart out for someone you love. You and your date can take turns singing, and you can prepare some beer and chips to really feel like you're in a classy Karaoke bar. The keys to romance include: singing sultry duets together and making sure your partner is having fun watching you sing.

2. Backyard Camping or Fireplace Gazing

If you've always wanted to rough it out, your backyard can act as your mountain habitat while you still do not have the time to go hiking. Roast some marshmallows, and prepare some hotdogs while you play scrabble by the grill. If it's too cold outside, you and your date can cuddle in front of a cozy fire. The ideal beverage for this date is hot cocoa (spiked or not). Find warmth around a cozy fire or share a blanket and cuddle in front of the fire.

If you do not have a fireplace, you can light some scented candles. Spend the night feeding each other some cheese, grapes and tuna canapes. Enjoy some wine and each other's company in the cafe-like ambiance of your dimly lit living room.

3. Give each other a makeover

Dress up in terry cloth robes and apply exfoliating lotions and moisturizers on each other's back. You can slice some avocados and put the fruit's pulp on your faces. After you've washed up, you can start giving each other a massage. The best part of this date comes when one or both of you feel the need to take things further. An erotic massage after a few hours of pampering is extremely pleasurable.

4. Exotic Dancing

If you and your partner are adventurous enough, you can go for a strip tease. How does this work? You can assign a stripper and a customer for the first run, and then you can switch. This role play dating game is particularly appealing to women because they love to dance to jazzy music and show off their bodies. Men who are in touch with their creative sides (or at least, their sense of humor) will also do well. You can play this up by using props and adult costumes.

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