Monthly Archives: January 2017

Home Decor – Give A Unique New Look To Your Home

A good home decoration can give an entirely new look to one's home. These days, people often employ professional home decorators to give that unique look to the interiors of their homes. Let us have a look at some of the intricacies of this emerging field. Interior decoration is the art of decorating a room […]

Home Decor for Comfort and Happiness

With so many choices of home decor to choose from, the most important factor is making yourself comfortable and happy. Of course it's important to you to have an attractive and inviting home for your friends and visitors, but you're the one who matters most. After all, you do live there! Color is a very […]

Home Decor – Shutters and Hinges

While you may have perfected the look inside your home, spring is coming and that means you're going to be spending more time looking at your home from the outside. While you can do a lot with the landscape, there are other ways to dress up the outside of your house. First, look at your […]

Home Decor – Paint Color Schemes

Creating paint schemes for home decorating requires compromise and balance. The eye needs places to rest and the design of the room needs to incorporate the size of your space as well as your life style. Once you throw in your design aesthetic, personality and the function of the room there are tons of things […]

Home Decor – Buy, Sell, and Make!

It won’t be difficult to find the “hottest” home décor trends out there right now. Sometimes, though, you find yourself financially and stylistically limited. Some of those “in” color schemes or themes may just not appeal to you. Ironically, maybe you can’t afford the furnishings you actually want in your home. Actually, wood furniture does […]

Home Decor – Shabby Chic is Hot, Hot, Hot!

What makes shabby chic home décor a popular decorating style? In browsing through home décor magazines you will find a popular decorating style known as shabby chic. It combines the vintage look with a stylish look. One of the reasons for its popularity is the practice of combining "the old" with "the new that looks […]

Home Decor – Break the Rules!

Choosing your home decor can be quite confusing at times. Each style, whether country, rustic, or French country can be easily combined to create a style all your own! In years past, the theme of home decor was using one certain style, but in present times just about any combination works. When decorating your home, […]

Give Your Living Room the Perfect Makeover

Being the central room in the house, the living room calls for great innovation when it comes to giving it a makeover. This is the first room where visitors to the house or home usually come into contact with. It should therefore look attractive at all times. When planning a living room makeover, the size […]